Chief Boom Pat-a-bang

Chief Boom Pat-a-bang
Chief Boom Pat-a-bang Chief Boom Pat-a-bang
品 牌: HABA
型 號: HABA300124
庫存狀況: 尚有庫存
價格: HK499.00
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  • includes tambourine and 5 swatting hands
  • easy rules for immediate playing fun
  • Drum strokes echo throughout the tee pee village. Big chief Boom Pat-a-bang is searching for the best rhythm reader among the American Indians. Diligently he drums the wildest rhythms to reverberate throughout the prairie. However only the one who decodes the secret message they carry can become the assistant of the deaf medicine man... Whoever is the fastest at recognizing the drumming sequence, strikes the correct motifs with the swatter and collects the most cards in the end, can win this game!

    Contents: 1 tambourine, 27 drumcards (showing 6 picture motifs), 4 shamancards, 1 skunkcards, 5 swattinghands, 1 set of game instructions
    Language deutsch
    Material card
    solid wood
    Age from 6 years
    Age to 99 years
    Game type learning game
    reaction game
    concentration game
    Number of players from 3 persons
    Number of players up to 5 persons
    Game duration from 10 min
    Game duration up to 15 min
    Illustrators Sonja Hansen
    Marek Blaha
    Authors Stefan Dorra
    Manfred Reindl
    Product range fex



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