My First Ball Track - Ball Ramp

My First Ball Track - Ball Ramp
品 牌: HABA
型 號: HABA8049
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A little pivot at the high end of the ramp keeps the ball in place.

It's only when the little constructors press the squeaking start button that the ball sets off.

Contents: 1 ramp with squeaking start button, 3 domino blocks, 1 effect ball.

Try it out with the My First Ball Track set and My First Ball Track Basic Pack. As your little one grows older, this set can easily be complemented with any of the HABA ball track sets.

Video from Haba:

Dimensions: 39 x 12.4 x 9.2 cm

Age: 1.5yrs+

Made in Germany

Material: beech wood

Benefits: experiment science (cause and effect); develop fine motor skills by pressing the button; stimulate senses



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